Taking Care Of A Massage Chair

Maintenance of goods is necessary to keep them in good working condition and when those things contain electronic components it is best to take care of them on time otherwise they can go bad very easily. A massage chair is an expensive piece of equipment that can range from $1500 to a large amount and the last thing that you want is for that amount to go to waste when it could have been avoided in the easiest way which is taking regular care of it. Two of the simplest and easiest ways to take care of best massage chair is by dusting it regularly and greasing it every month or two.

Dusting should be done every at least once a week and that is also dependent on where you live. If you live in a windy area where dust blows more than usual than you might have to clean it twice a week even. A normal old cloth can do the trick and you just have to make sure you are targeting the spots that have corners and are at angles where dust can easily gather. If you allow dust to gather then it can start to accumulate into a great mess which does not even clean properly with just a cloth and that can be troublesome.

Greasing is a way to keep your machine in a good condition as it helps the mechanical parts to move freely and without unnecessary resistance. Each massage chair is rather different in terms of where to apply grease on it but there are many similarities to them. A good way to get a clue of where to start is to look at an online forum that can guide you step by step. Another way is to see your usual manual for joints that the company recommends you should lube. There is a chance that an online forum may have different guidance from a manual and what you should do in this case is to first follow the user manual since that has the best product specific advice you could ever get. Once you have done that then you could move on to forum advice and see what they say. The thing about user forums is that people discuss their problems and other people give advice that may or may not be worth acting on. Sometimes it could even lead to damage and that is where you need to decide for yourself if such a risk is worth it or not.

The kind of grease that you should be using for this sort of maintenance is white lithium grease. It can be purchased from any hardware store for a small price and once pack should you last you a long while. This means that maintenance is super cheap if you are willing to take care of it. So the best ways to keep your massage chair in tiptop shape is by dusting it regularly, greasing it every once in a while and if that still does not let your machine perform as it should, take it to the company you bought it from and let the professionals work on it.

Components of an Xbox Steering Wheels

The newest development in Xbox accessories are the steering wheels which have taking the market by storm and are a popular discussion among fans of racing games. The reasons for their popularity are many including the fun and thrilling experience that these wheels provide while playing racing games. The purpose of these Xbox One or Xbox 360 steering wheels is to bring your experience as close as possible to real-life driving. There is a wide variety of steering wheels available in the market, each of them available with their own set of unique features. However, there are some basic components present in all of these steering wheels that you will find. The quality of these basic components will determine the quality of the steering wheel which will in turn affect the quality of your experience. Let’s have a look at these basic components present in an Xbox steering wheel:


The most basic component of an Xbox steering wheel is the wheel itself. There are some important things which you will need to consider with regard to the wheel construction to be able to select a good steering wheel. The wheel should be ergonomically made so that it is comfortable and convenient to use while playing a racing game. It’s also a good thing to make sure that the assembly of the wheel is up to the standards.


Pedals are another important part of a steering wheel set without which the steering wheel is incomplete. The difference that you will find in the expensive steering wheels and the cheap ones will be in the quality of the pedal as well. The low-quality ones will be made of plastic and wont be very sturdy and robust for excessive use. The good quality ones will be made of stronger materials and will also include the latest technology of ‘load cell’. This technology senses and responds to the pressure exerted by the user thus giving a more realistic experience while playing a racing game.


Clutch is another vital part of the steering wheel set. It should be present in the gear box that comes with the steering wheel. With a clutch, you can expect a more realistic experience while playing the racing games. However, even some of the best quality steering wheels will not include a clutch and will work just fine without it.